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Should we wear masks and gloves in public?

courtesy to Mia Terranova

Taylor Calame

April 28, 2020

 Getting in the car, driving around town, and looking out your side window you see your fellow neighbors geared up wearing gloves and a mask to protect themselves from COVID-19. Grocery store shelves are completely empty and bare. Not a single cleaning supply to be seen. Floor tape and signs ar...

Is Zoom really the best option?

K. Bjurstrom

Kimberlynn Bjurstrom

April 26, 2020

From the comfort of her pajamas, in the warmth of her own basement, sophomore Ally Braaten is able to simply turn on her Chromebook’s webcam and be immersed in a classroom setting. With essentially being trapped in their houses, students and teachers alike have to find ways to go on with their lives,...

Should everyone practice social distancing?

Courtesy of Altus Air Force Base, photo by Tech. Sgt. Robert Sizelove

Trevor Book

April 22, 2020

Even though many people do not like social distancing, everyone should practice it. The coronavirus started in January, and according to WorldOmeter, there have been over 172k deaths in the world and over 2.5 million confirmed cases in 209 countries and territories. We can see these numbers growi...

A view of post-COVID-19 grocery shopping

A view of post-COVID-19 grocery shopping

Ashley Reilly

April 14, 2020

Walking into the grocery store, customers grab carts and baskets. Some customers are carrying children with them and others are talking on cell phones. Walking through each aisle, it can feel routine, pick up the peaches and check for the perfect firmness, maybe grab a cake mix for a fun time. It’s...

Should Huntley High School cancel finals?

Should Huntley High School cancel finals?

Natalie VonderHeide

April 12, 2020

As Huntley’s 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, the most stressful time of the year approaches, but with some social distancing put into place. Traditionally, finals occur on the last three days of both semesters and create a multitude of stress among students. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, students ...

Are honors classes worth it?

Are honors classes worth it?

Annaliese Harper

March 11, 2020

Imagine you fail an honors math class. You retake it, still honors, and get an A your second time taking the class. Your teacher doesn’t understand why you want to take the next level regular. You did fine, you’ll do fine. It’s not like succeeding in a regular class is better for your GPA than scr...

What’s in my water?

What's in my water?

Ruhi Gulati

March 11, 2020

On Oct. 7, 2019, during a hot, sunny day reaching the upper 70s, varsity girls tennis 1 Doubles player Michelle Barnvos grabs her towel from the bench to wipe her sweaty face and reaches for her water jug, only to realize the jug is completely empty.  She longs for ice-cold water to quench her t...

Opinion: retrograde will tear us apart

Opinion: retrograde will tear us apart

Alex O'Connell

February 29, 2020

High school is an experimental time for teenagers; everyone is struggling to “find their place” in this world. So many students go through so many different phases over the course of their four years in high school. Change is inevitable, but do some people get too carried away with the trends th...

The future entrepreneurs of HHS

The future entrepreneurs of HHS

Bailey Lim

February 25, 2020

With the small options of finance and economics courses, Huntley High School students wait for a course to proceed with the goal of learning more about the business world. Recently, the introduction of Business Incubator gives students the opportunity to explore and continue their education in finance, eco...

Miss HHS?

M. Baker

Molly Baker

February 18, 2020

On Feb. 6, Huntley High School held the 11th annual Mr. HHS competition. The contestants had to prep, campaign, and practice for the last couple of weeks in the hopes of winning two Prom tickets and a free suit from Men's Warehouse. Throughout the last 11 years, Mr. HHS has allowed boys to win Prom ti...

New Hoop app poses danger to user’s privacy

The app's icon

Caitlyn Gooden

February 14, 2020

Hoop is a relatively new app that has sprung into the spotlight of popularity among teenagers. It can be downloaded for free on the app store and connects with the user's Snapchat information. Essentially, the advertisement for Hoop is a new way to meet friends and connect with others you would ha...

How tough should seniors make their schedules?

Courtesy of Amanda Rohde

Ethan Babicz

February 10, 2020

As senior Ari Saez looked at her class registration page, a smile crept across her face. Her senior year schedule was complete, and it was perfect. Some days she would not have to come into school at all with her blended schedule. It was just what she was looking for: a free schedule for her senior ...