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Stopped for nothing – should we change that?

A car waiting at a red light (Steve Garry).

Emily Kindl

March 15, 2017

I’m sure all drivers, at some point in time, experience the test of patience when they sit at a red light, literally waiting for no one. Sometimes the tempting thought of disobeying the red light comes into mind. A lot of people have obeyed that temptation, whether they would like to admit it or not, ...

Senioritis is taking over

(B. Governale)

Bri Governale

February 23, 2017

The blaring sounds of your 6:00 a.m. alarm goes off, your first reaction is to hit snooze. When it goes off again you want to hit snooze but you know you will be late to your first hour class. 6:45 a.m. you hit the road, sitting in 40 minute long traffic like you have the past four years. 7:28 a.m. you...

Winter Homecoming Week…But No Dance?

Photo courtesy of E. Kindl

Emily Kindl

January 30, 2017

Preparation. Advertising. Decoration. Commitment. Student Council worked above and beyond for this year’s Winter Turnabout dance, aiming for it to be more successful than the previous years. It is so disappointing, that with how much work and determination Student Council put into this dance, s...

Why the NFL isn’t dying

Why the NFL isn't dying

Lucas Modzelewski

January 26, 2017

2016 was one of the NFL's worst years for viewership. Ratings crashed, with prime-time games all dropping at least 18 percent viewership compared to the previous year, and media outlets declared this was the beginning of the end for the long-time industry titan. However, the NFL is not dying. The...

A Very Merry, Messy, Materialistic Christmas

Christmas shoppers at Bath & Body Works this holiday season. Photo courtesy of Emma Kubelka

Emma Kubelka

December 19, 2016

Although December is a month filled with joy and love, it is overwhelmingly occupied by material objects. Christmas is a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus, and although not everyone practices the christian part, they celebrate it with their families. This joyous holiday is slowly tur...

Our Walls Went Up Before Trump Built His

(Photo by Gage Skidmore/CC by 2.0)

Emily Kindl

November 18, 2016

aking up that morning in the hotel, I thought it was just going to be an ordinary day… But I’ve been wrong before. I was in downtown Indianapolis for the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention, along with some amazing people from HHS’s newspaper The Voice and yearbook The Chieftai...

SparkNotes sparks interests in students for the wrong reasons

The SparkNotes webpage is easy to use and useful for comprehension. (Photo  courtesy of S. Biernat)

Sarah Biernat

November 7, 2016

Reading frantically, junior Emily Hawkins sat in her eighth hour English class. Procrastination had taken over once again. “I’m only on chapter 8,” she said. “There’s no way I’ll finish!” Then for about ten more minutes, her Bic mechanical pencil scribbled down meaningless comments and reac...

What’s the Rush?

Students crowding the hallways during school. Photo courtesy of Emily Kindl.

Emily Kindl

October 27, 2016

Imagine you are waiting by your locker to meet with your friends during passing period. You check your phone for the time, for the fourth time, anxious that you may miss your next class waiting for them. But, as you look back up, you finally see them making their way toward you. Thank goodness, you th...

The Downfall of America

The Republican Candidate, Donald Trump throwing up the peace sign. (Photo courtesy of Donald Trump Facebook)

Camille Paddock

October 17, 2016

ith the election coming up combined with being a first time voter, I had been excited to finally have a say in the future of this country; or at least who is in charge. But as the candidates were announced and the election date grows eerily closer, I'm starting to feel less excitement and more fear fo...

Flippy Kid

Flippy Kid

Sarah Biernat

May 19, 2016

ith perfect flip form, a sophomore kid fell from the top of the East Gym and face planted onto the wood flooring. With a 10 second video going viral, this topic has gotten out of hand. On May 12, the whole Huntley community was disrupted by the unintelligent act of a high schooler. The video is ...

Is John Baylor test prep worth it?

(Photo courtesy of

Camille Paddock

April 18, 2016

he bell rings and I sit down in my English class. The students groan as the teacher proceeds to tell the class that it is a John Baylor day. But why are there students complaining about free ACT preparation? The real question students battle with is whether or not John Baylor’s course is benefici...

School Uniforms Make Sense

(courtesy of

Danielle King

March 16, 2016

own the hall, a girl walks in her black dress she got from a friend. A flannel with shades of red, white, and black hug her around her waist. Black tights are worn under the dress to keep warm from the chilly, 20 degree weather, along with some combat boots that clink every step she takes because of t...