Saturday, June 23, 2018
Back at the beginning of the NFL season, some three months ago, Johnny Manziel was still playing like an inexperienced college quarterback and lost a quarterback competition to career backup Brian Hoyer. Then the unthinkable happened, Brian Hoyer played out of his mind and led the Browns to a 6-3 record atop the AFC North division.
Music blasted as the Red Raiders varsity football team made their way to the field, led by junior Ryan Ford. A light rain hung over the field throughout the night, but spirits were high in Friday night’s game against the McHenry Warriors. The pink sea that was Raider Nation chanted and celebrated the Raiders’ exhilarating and successful efforts. In Friday night’s game, Huntley against McHenry, the final score was 55-28, with Huntley as the victorious team. The highly anticipated victory brought the Red Raiders’ record to 7-1 this season, as the playoffs approach in the next two weeks.
You could almost taste the tension in the frigid air as the opening kickoff crept closer and closer. The game was about to begin between the Red Raiders and the Golden Eagles, cross town rivals. The winner acquires all the bragging rights. Senior kicker Donnie Young was about to start what might be one of the most important games of the year.
he pounding of the bass drums was heard in the distance as the Marching Red Raiders entered the stadium. Filing onto the track, they began playing the National Anthem and then the school fight song. With raider nation chanting,...
Senior starting quarterback Blake Jacobs accounted for all five of the Raider’s touchdown in Friday’s 34-7 Homecoming victory.
On Saturday, the Huntley football team lost a devastating game to the Fenwick Friars 10-9. Huntley was ranked number 10 in the playoffs and Fenwick was ranked 7. Both teams had about the same success with their season. Huntley had...