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Huntley High School girls bowling loses against Rockford Auburn

Huntley High School girls bowling loses against Rockford Auburn

Amelia Pozniak

December 17, 2019

On Dec. 16, Huntley High School’s girls bowling team faced Rockford Auburn at Bowl-Hi Lanes in Huntley. The team, unfortunately, had an unsuccessful meet tonight. However, this will not stop them from pursuing an incredible season. As parents line the walls of the venue, the girls scatter themse...

Boys bowling falls short of South Elgin

Boys bowling falls short of South Elgin

Ryder Shepardson

December 11, 2019

As the lights dim down, the bowlers position themselves in front of each lane. Players begin to polish their shiny balls, their shoes squeaking as they walk across the lanes. Suddenly, all at once, the sound of pins tumbling over begins to overwhelm the room. Huntley’s very own boys bowling team squar...

Boys Bowling falls short of Marengo

Boys Bowling falls short of Marengo

Alex O'Connell

December 6, 2019

High energy filled Bowl-Hi Lanes on Wednesday night as Michael DeBello approached the bowling lane. With a ball in hand, DeBello started the night off right with a strong release that resulted in a crisp, clean strike. The Huntley vs. Marengo boys bowling meet was a back-and-forth battle until its cl...

Boys Bowling Triumphs Over Grayslake North

Boys Bowling Triumphs Over Grayslake North

Kyle Abruzzo

December 13, 2018

Huntley boys bowling defeats Grayslake North on Dec. 6. Pins are falling, teams are cheering as Huntley and Grayslake North face off in this intense dual bowling meet. At 6-2, Huntley is coming into this meet facing 9-5 Grayslake North. Down from 113 pins after game 1, Huntley stormed back with ...

The Red Raiders’ Boys Bowling Team Falls to St. Charles North

The Red Raiders' Boys Bowling Team Falls to St. Charles North

Danielle Rhody

December 5, 2018

The Red Raiders’ boys bowling team team lost to the St. Charles North Stars on Dec. 4. The team was led by junior Joseph Kern, with a total of 636 pins, sophomore Jerik Alcasid, with a total of 628 pins, and junior Ethan Babicz, with a total of 564 pins. Kern and Alcasid both had two games where th...

Huntley girls bowling is beaten by the Bulldogs on Senior Night

From left: K. Clutter, D. Szmergalski, and B. Walker with their parents before the meet (A. Landman).

Alex Landman

January 9, 2018

Sporting their black senior shirts, the Huntley High School senior girls varsity bowlers were recognized as they took on the Wauconda Bulldogs in their last home meet of the season. Despite this being the career finale for Kaytlen Clutter, Dani Szmergalski, and Bry Walker, the Raiders fell 2,558 to 2,983...

Boys Bowling with a Great Start to the 2017-2018 Season

Team waits in anticipation for the potential strike.


November 13, 2017

Huntley’s boys bowling hosted Geneva on Tuesday, Nov. 7, at Bowl-Hi. Huntley scored a total of 3509 pins, while Geneva had a total of 3324. This was Huntley’s first home match of the 2017-2018 season. Jesse Alcasid opened the night with 2 strikes. By the end of the match, Alcasid had 18 stri...

Huntley’s loss of key bowlers costs win

Huntley reacts to a rough frame.

Lucas Modzelewski

December 10, 2015

huds of bowling balls hitting the slick and shiny wood lanes echoed. Bowling pins rattled and hit the ground while sounds of shoes squeaking engulfed the sounds of the alley. Dim lights shown on the floor as the televisions displayed an animation of a bowling bowl walking and climbing onto a bowling ba...

Athlete of the month

Athlete of the month

Claire Filpi

March 1, 2015

Name: Shannon Walsh Grade: Senior Sport(s) participating in: Bowling Why she won: She has been a leader all year for the girls bowling team. She has been helpful and welcoming with several of the new players. At the IHSA Regional in Elgin this past weekend, she bowled a 967, allowing her to adva...

Girls bowling team falls short of a win against Dundee-Crown

Girls bowling team falls short of a win against Dundee-Crown

Cullen Walsh

January 23, 2015

he girls hopped off of the bus one-by-one, bags in hand, ready for what lie ahead of them. 4:27 p.m. they had made it just in time for their 4:30 p.m. meet. They weren’t entirely sure what to expect. After all, the group of girls would be facing one of the most challenging bowling teams in the area. The Hu...

Girls bowling beats Grayslake Central

Girls bowling beats Grayslake Central

Cierra Felton

December 11, 2014

he sound of falling pins and cheering parents ricochets off the walls. The scent of Pine Sol fills the air. Freshman Kaitlyn Clutter approaches her lane slowly, holding the ball close to her chest. She takes a few steps while swinging her arm back in one swift motion. She projects her arm forward, re...