Friday, June 22, 2018

Athlete of the month

Name: Ellie Nicolin
As the bright lights shine down on the floor, junior Karlie Lajewski can feel her nerves settling down. As the team gets set to being, she looks up at her younger sister, something nobody else on the team can do.
Going into Friday night’s game against Jacobs, Huntley (7-12, 2-2 FVC) was riding a hot streak, winning four of their last six games and placing well at the Wheaton MLK tournament. Huntley’s hot streak came to an end Friday night, falling to Jacobs 58-3.
Senior Ricky Vigil takes a deep breath, his arms pumping forward and his eyes following his opponent’s every move. He came in with an aggressive mindset, ready to put years of practice into a single move. Darting on his feet, he looks for an opportunity to go in and take his opponent down. Vigil ignores the stinging pain that follows the curve of his spine and focuses on pinning and winning.
The girls hopped off of the bus one-by-one, bags in hand, ready for what lie ahead of them. 4:27 p.m. they had made it just in time for their 4:30 p.m. meet. They weren’t entirely sure what to expect. After all, the group of girls would be facing one of the most challenging bowling teams in the area.
Everyone has pre game rituals, weather it is wearing the same socks or listening to the same song. There is something silly that every athlete does before they compete. As senior Taylor Lucas gets ready to go to warm ups for her last conference competition, she beings to feel excited to compete at one last time at a Fox Valley Conference competition.