Monday, April 23, 2018
The Speech Team is a group of individuals who are always together no matter the circumstance, and with that bond, they hope to win the IHSA State Championship. Recently on Saturday, Feb. 14, the Speech Team won the IHSA Sectional at Freeport High School. Sophomore Biancia Spann is interviewed.

Shredding the Slopes

t was Spring Break of 2015 and most students were preparing to head somewhere, anywhere warm, especially after the bone-chilling winter that hit full force.  However, there was an exception. She stood on top of the mountain, strapped on her...

1 in 2,750 with Dylan Ou

Staff Writer Ryan Mills interviews Dylan Ou on his passion for music.
Alex: Team Tufano's We’ve done tacos, coffee, sandwiches, frozen yogurt, waffles, and yet, Emma and I have never tested out a classic American staple.  It’s at football games, birthday parties, and your kitchen table: pizza.  How have we not done...