“Daddy’s Home Two” was good enough


Written by Maddy Domek

“Daddy’s Home Two” was an interesting yet predictable Christmas movie that starred Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg  as “co-daddys.”  This combination of comedians really brought a laugh to the theater. 

Something right off the bat that I found confusing was whose kids were who’s. Although this seems minor, throughout the film there are jokes that would make more sense if you knew this information.

On a different note, I thought PG-13 is an appropriate rating for this movie. It has mature references and language, also it takes away some of the comedy of the whole thing if you don’t understand the jokes.

What I thought was disappointing was that they’re both upper-class families and honestly I don’t understand why movies can’t show normal middle class families. I thought a new element of humor could have been brought to the table if both families were just average people.

I also thought John Cena’s role in it was unnecessary. I thought it was silly of them to choose him when I am sure an aspiring actor similar in build would have done just as good of a job. But like every Hollywood film, they’re just trying to make money. Despite Cena, I think that the casting was done very well and all actors and actresses portrayed their characters very well.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was humorous, even to my angsty teenage self, and I think that both teens and adults would like it. It has humor that can appeal to both audiences. 

This movie definitely had a modern twist to it with references to Airbnb and gender neutral flashcards that are used when giving “the talk” to a young adult.

I also loved the soundtrack that accompanied the movie . For a Christmas movie, the music seemed to really work with the different scenes. Some Christmas movies can be way too in your face with all of the classic Christmas songs, but I felt that this movie was perfectly subtle about their choice of Christmas music and did not over do it at all. It really made the movie a more comfortable watch.

I do recommend this movie because I think that it being a comedy makes it suitable to more people than a drama. I definitely did not think this movie is a cinematic masterpiece, but it was a good for a Christmas comedy.



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