Electives Fair gives vital information to returning students

Junior Paul Singh visits the Science booth to talk with Cindy Fuhrer and Melanie Lyons on science electives

The Central Gym was filled with eager teachers and fascinated students during lunch hours today, all discussing one topic: electives for next year.

“It’s got all sorts of information,” said Dean of Students Daniel Farlik.

The Electives Fair was held as an informational fair for all students returning for the 2016-2017 school year. Students were able to walk around to different tables and learn information about classes that interested them most.

“It opens up a bunch of options I could take next year,” said sophomore Sabrina Nolan.

The information given included what each class had to offer and how it could benefit students for the future. The fair is a positive for students who were looking to learn about classes that interest them, not their friends.

“Typically the students’ friends tell them what to take,” said Dean of Students Chris Duncan.

Junior Iva Vucic visits the foreign language booths
Junior Iva Vucic visits the foreign language booths

However, some students are more interested in getting vital course information straight form the horse’s mouth.

“I get to talk to the teachers and they open up about what it’s really about instead of just hearing from other people,” said Nolan.

Although the freshmen may not be as exposed to high school as sophomores and juniors, being given the opportunity to learn more information about future classes is a beneficial asset for all returning students. The Electives Fair was a great turn out this year.



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