Falling in Reverse album review: Just Like You

(Courtesy of Fallinginreverse.com)

Falling in Reverse released their album “Just Like You” earlier this week. This band may not be well known, but based on their consistent, unique sound, they should be a more popular name in the near future.


At first glance of the cover of this album I started to make a few presumptions, but as I listened to the first couple of tracks I realized that my judgements were not matching up.


The first song of the album, “Chemical Prisoner,” really set the tone for the entire album by expressing a struggle to successfully cope with addiction. Even with the death of someone close and the want to quit, he still cannot conquer his addiction.


Further through the album the song “Brother” came on and for a second I questioned if it was even the same band. There was a change in pace and style, but an extreme addition in emotion. This song also talks about the loss of someone close which as a listener I connected it back to “Chemical Prisoner.”


“Brother” really hit home. They shied away from their normal heavy guitar and drums to go to a soft melody with a beautiful piano playing in the background. Songs like “Chemical Prisoner” and “Brother” make this album what it is by adding depth which maintains the listener’s attention.


Falling in Reverse is different. They wear a lot of black and have some exotic lyrics, but if one listens closely, they have a story to tell whether it is referencing a struggle with drug addiction, grief, or many other issues in society. Most of these emotional lyrics are based on lead vocalist Ronnie Radke’s own life experiences.


“Just Like You” in my opinion surpasses their previous album “Fashionably Late.” They have their same distinct fun lyrics and awesome guitar, but then they added this twist of very touching, meaningful lyrics.

This album definitely surprised me. Beyond the half naked girl on the cover, this is a band with a very special talent.


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