First single from Halsey’s new album released

Courtesy of Facebook.

Halsey has been teasing fans for the past month on Twitter about her new album, “hopeless fountain kingdom,” set to drop June 2. “Now or Never” was released on April 4, with a music video release the same day. Not only was this her first single from her second studio album, but the music video also marked her directorial debut as well. “Now or Never”┬áreferences “Hold Me Down,” a song from her first studio album, with the lyrics “I want you to hold me down down down down down down, down forever.” Other than getting a Romeo and Juliet feeling from the music video, I really could not understand it, but it was cool. The song, though, does not match the Romeo and Juliet theme in my opinion, but is rather giving an ultimatum, saying either love me now or never. Although it is not my favorite Halsey song, I can’t wait for the release “hopeless fountain kingdom.”

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Courtney Thomas
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