Hamilton goes down in history

(M. Selimi)

The intermission music floods the auditorium as people hurry to use the bathroom before the show starts. Look to your left and you’ll see overwhelmed, crying teenagers. On your right, and you’ll see Ushers chatting and making sure everyone is in the room where it happens before they shut the doors.

The lights start to dim and people rush to their seats as the music begins to fade. Seconds later, the music jumps on stage and begins its performance.

Many are familiar with the musical “Hamilton” and would agree that this Tony-winning musical is one of the best shows on Broadway right now.

“Hamilton” teaches the audience the history of one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. The show covers the revolutionary war and the foundation of our government and the national bank. Other characters include Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, John Laurens, George Washington, and King George. The show is in Burr’s point of view and creates the largest perspective for an incredible story.

The musical also teaches audiences about naive determination and from that, growing into the idea that making history has a price. It all comes down to who lives, who dies, and who tells your story.

Composer, director, and actor Lin Manuel-Miranda gave his best shot on “Hamilton” after six years of making sure that everything was accurate. Although there are no real lines in the show, the songs tell the story perfectly. If you listened to the soundtrack from start to finish, there would be nothing left out.

Although the story is simple and easy to understand, the characters and soundtrack simply make this show burst with life. “Hamilton” is highly addictive and leaves other composers and directors in the dust.

“I was blown away by the Chicago cast,” sophomore Madeline Rainey said. “I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I did.”

“Hamilton” takes everything theater means and portrays it perfectly onto the stage. It is likely that butterflies will flutter in your stomach as you realize you’re about to see an extraordinary¬†show at the theater, one that has had the whole world raving.

Excitement floods through your veins when you sit in your seat. You look at the view. The set is simply a bunch of stairs along the sides, but it isn’t what makes the show. What makes the show is the actors and actresses, the music, and the orchestra, and band below the stage.¬† Manuel-Miranda takes every aspect of a show and stitches it together and leaves everyone satisfied.

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