HHS art students’ works to be displayed at Rockford Art Museum

Senior Alexis Nichols's photograph that will be on display at the Rockford Art Museum from March 4 to April 7.

On Feb. 8, art teacher Kate Duchene received an email from the Rockford Art Museum. Inside was a list of the students whose pieces were accepted into the show.

“I’m always curious when I hear how many pieces are in the show total,” said Duchene.

Out of the 21 schools that submitted pieces, 966 in total, 163 pieces were accepted. 17 of those pieces were from Huntley.

“To have 10 percent of a show of 21 schools is quite an accomplishment,” said Duchene.

The Rockford Young Artist Show is an art show in which educators at the schools within 50 miles of the museum are able to send the best pieces of artwork from their students to be judged and displayed. The show will open on March 4 and run until April 7. The awards ceremony and opening reception is on March 4 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Two students received awards for pieces that they had submitted. Early graduate, Alexis Nichols, received an honorable mention for her photo.

“I have never, in my five years of doing this competition, seen a photograph win any award,” said Duchene. “I’ve seen digital art, but not a photograph.”

Nichols’ photo is the mouth of a mannequin which she took on a “photography day” with her boyfriend and his friend in Barrington.

“We just took pictures of everything all over Barrington,” said Nichols.

She received an email from Duchene last weekend. She was spending the day with a friend and they were watching a movie.

“I just paused the movie and I was jumping up and down on his couch,” said Nichols.

Senior Sydney Hellgeth got three of her pieces into the show. One of those pieces, a portrait titled Mackenzie, also received an honorable mention. The portrait took her about a month to finish and was done in an oil pastel wash and colored pencils.

“I was kind of like ‘are you kidding me,’” said Hellgeth.

Her other two pieces are a self-portrait done the same way as Mackenzie, and a violin done in a charcoal reduction-covering the entire piece in charcoal and erasing parts of it.

“I was shocked, I only thought they picked one,” said Hellgeth. “I have never actually been in the show, so this was my first year getting in.”

The 50 students who had work submitted will be going on a fieldtrip to enjoy the artwork that made it into the show.


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