HHS hosts meeting for Presidential Inauguration trip

Popular Washington DC tourist destination Capitol Hill (Photo courtsey mctcampus.com)

On April 20, at 7 p.m., students and parents gathered in the cafeteria eagerly awaiting the beginning of the meeting that would introduce them to the trip of a lifetime.

Social studies teacher Nathan Schmitt will be traveling with approximately 40 students to see the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Schmitt will be leading the trip to Washington D.C. with the help of EF Educational Tours which would be in charge of organizing the tour.

“I reached out to the school as the AP Government teacher because I remember the students that went to the last Inauguration,” said Schmitt. “They were incredibly happy with the trip so I wanted to give the students here to have that experience.”

Students will not only be able to attend the Inauguration, but will also have the opportunity to sight-see. The trip will include visits to the Smithsonian museums, Mount Vernon, Capitol Hill, and even the White House.

“The idea of going is really cool because history will be made no matter what the result of the election is,” said junior Shamika Patil.

In between tours, students will be granted free time to explore the capital for themselves. They will also have the opportunity to let loose and celebrate at the Inaugural Ball.

According to Schmitt, students will have the opportunity to choose their own chaperon for the five-day trip. The enrollment fee will include airfare, hotel accommodations, most meals, admissions, and more.

“There’s only so much a teacher can do to bring the world to a student,” said Schmitt. “But they have to be there to truly experience it for themselves.”


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