Homecoming Pep Assembly adds more student interaction


In the spirit of Homecoming week HHS Student Council organized its annual pep assembly, which will be held on Sept. 2 in the East Gym. However, this assembly will be different from years passed.

This will be the first time the Spirit barrel, a painted barrel filled with candy, will be awarded to the class that earns the most points from the assembly challenges. Principal Scott Rowe hopes, that by introducing this new feature, the school can start a new tradition.

“We are in the midst of looking for our school identity,” said Rowe. “We need serious traditions, so hopefully the spirit barrell takes off.”

They also introduced interactive games involving inflatables, such as hoppy horses and foot brawlers. Teams from each class battled each other in soccer while wearing inflatable suits, and teams raced each other across the gym while hopping on the inflatable horses.

“We were really excited that we were able to rent these inflatables,” said STUCO president Rebecca Davidson. “We hope that these interactive games will get more students involved.”

Davidson and other STUCO members have also noticed that the transition periods between performances have been a little boring, and the students start to lose their excitement. To keep everybody hyped, they’ve come up with “Minute-to-Win it” games.

They were games like Zero Gravity, where contestants had to keep three balloons afloat as long as they could, and another game where contestants had to empty two tissue boxes as fast as they could. Much like the addition of the inflatables, these Minute-to-Win it games were aimed to getting more students from each class to participate and keep the excitement going.

“Every year, we’ve noticed that there’s a large number of people who leave,” said Davison. “So hopefully these games will make the assembly more interesting and will encourage more kids to come next year too.”

Despite the large number of people who leave the assembly every year, Davison and her fellow STUCO members agree that guy poms is definitely what brings the students back year after year.

“We purposely put guy poms at the end because we know that that’s everybody’s favorite event,” said sophomore STUCO member Olivia Jones. “This way, people will stay for the whole assembly, just to see them.”


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