This is sophomore Colin Stevenson.

To many of the people he encounters, they see a creative and talkative guy. He makes music. He loves it so much, and it’s quite a comfort to him especially when he wants to disconnect. Stevenson is in several bands; he owns a keyboard and a drumset, and can program music as well…hoping to upload his own creations to iTunes soon. He also used to draw and still writes. He likes his creative side.

Stevenson also asserts that he can talk to almost anyone and everyone, so many people can simply see that this is true of him right off the bat. However, like most people, Stevenson has a reclusive side to his personality. He likes being alone and having his own space at times.

Stevenson is actually a part-time student at Huntley High School. The first half of his day he spends at Huntley, and then for the rest he spends homeschooling. Stevenson can really have the best of both worlds: he can be his talkative self at school, but can still get alone time when he is at home.

But no matter where he is or who he is with, he often likes to talk about politics and philosophies and anything he can “to make sure [he] is a completely structured human being.”

To him, Stevenson says God is the most important thing in life. God is his lifeline, and without Him he would not want to live.

What also makes him a completely structured human is being able to admit his faults, as much as it is just easier to pretend those faults are inborn intense characteristics. He reveals that he is insensitive often times, which he believes is a both blessing and a curse. He also says he can become lazy, like many people often do.

But, he is an active person, as he is on a swim team and swims about two hours a day. His siblings are also very active: his two sisters a personal trainers, and his brother lifts constantly.

In addition to telling me a little bit about himself, Stevenson chose and answered a question he wanted to talk about: What is something totally overrated in your opinion? Watch the video above to see his response.

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