Huntley Boys Golf Loses by a Few Strokes

Huntley Boys Golf lost Tuesday Sept. 13 by a score of 160-170.

Huntley High School Boys Golf team lost to McHenry with a score of 170-160 on Sept. 13. The boys played a well fought game, with sophomore Garrett Heinke leading with a low of 42, followed by junior Conner Siddons shooting a 43. Senior Nick Laughlin scored third with a score of 44.  Although they earned impressive scores, it was not enough to pull a win.

Juniors Conner Siddons and Colton Adamick at the boys golf meet on Tuesday. Siddons led the team with a score of 47 (Courtesy of A. Favila).
Juniors Conner Siddons and Colton Adamick at the boys golf meet on Tuesday. Siddons was a team leader with a score of 43 (Courtesy of A. Favila).

The boys overall played a good game, preparing for the game by practicing for over a half hour, which included putting and working on accuracy.  

According to the coach and players, mentality is a big part of preparing for a match, as the physical aspect of the game is not the only thing that can grant them a win. How one plays in a game is majorly shaped by how they believe they will play. If they think they will lose, or play badly, then they most likely will. It also works the other way around. If they believe they can do it, then they will have a greater chance to achieve their goals.

The varsity team lost a key player, senior Mitchell Los, as he broke his thumb before the season started, bringing up their average score. Since in golf a higher score means a lower ranking, it crippled the team. Luckily, some players are competing to step up and fill the empty spot, but no one has yet gone above and beyond to cover for Los.  The team is hoping it will be enough to make their way to regionals and to first place later in the season.


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