Huntley Defeated On Their Homecoming Night By West Aurora

Junior Eric Mooney throws the ball while being rushed by four defenders (Courtesy of R. O'Sullivan).

Friday night, the Red Raiders faced a tough loss on the night of their homecoming to the 5-0 West Aurora Blackhawks.

The final score of the game was 27-21 West Aurora.

A cold, rainy night was nothing to stop Raider Nation from piling into their seats to watch some Huntley Football.

As the game begins, West Aurora comes flying out of the gate by with an 85 yard touchdown run. This got their fans up on their feet in a hurry.

Huntley never blinked twice at the opposition and carried the momentum right back with a blocked punt at the goal line by senior Lere Oladipo.

This kind of momentum shift was a constant factor in the game due to there being turnovers and touchdowns by both teams right after the other.

Late in the game, West Aurora took the lead to make it 27-21 with roughly eight minutes left in the game.

As the quarter progressed, the rain began to increase, which only contributed to all the drama.

Security officer Darryl Evans helps lead Raider Nation during the Homecoming Game (Courtesy of R. O'Sullivan).
Security officer Darryl Evans helps lead Raider Nation during the Homecoming Game (Courtesy of R. O’Sullivan).

This was no problem to Raider Nation as the sea of red, white, and black remained in full voice.

Tensions began rising on the Huntley sidelines as that final whistle drew near.

Despite outstanding effort, quarterback Eric Mooney and his offense were unable to bring the score back even as West Aurora regained possession to close out the game.

¨This was the perfect team to go against, because they were fast, skilled, and tough, which tested our abilities as a team.¨ Assistant Linebacker coach Luc Lopez said.

This type of mentality seemed to be shared with the players, as they carried off as a team with their heads held high.

Next Friday, Huntley will play Crystal Lake Central in a conference match up. Central is currently holding a record of 4-2.

¨Unfortunately we fell short by six points, but that´s behind us now, [we’re] gonna prove it in the playoffs.¨ Linebacker Nick Dennis said.

A bit of optimism was shared by Dennis, helping our community look forward to playoff contention.





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