Huntley girls bowling rolls past McHenry

The Red Raiders girls bowling team defeated McHenry by 13 points in a FVC Crossover meet (N. Simmons).

There are three players from each team per lane, making that six in each lane. They bowl against each other and after one frame, they switch sides. Ten lanes go at the same time, including two practice lanes.

Bowl-Hi was busy on Thursday, Jan. 12 as the Huntley girls bowling team took on McHenry in an FVC Conference meet.  The Raiders, dressed in black uniforms, defeated McHenry by a score of 2,497-2,484, a mere 13 points.

No matter what happened in the lanes, everyone seemed to be having a good time doing what they do best: bowl.

Occasionally, the audience in the bowling alley would get a little rowdy, but it was always healthy competition. The casual setup of the area made it seem oddly relaxed.

Since every single lane is going at once, it can be a bit difficult at times to figure out how the entire team is playing, but they all came out on top in the end.

“We were down by 63 pins,” proud varsity coach Fekete said. “And we came back and won by 13.”

The JV team, in red uniforms, had also crushed the Warriors, winning more comfortably at 1988-1758.

Having not had that many meets yet, the girls bowling team only has one win and one loss.  After beating McHenry, the team is excited about their first win at their first home game.

“I think it’s a great accomplishment for me and the team,” varsity bowler Marissa Bousk said.

This win brings the team confidence, which will be on display as the Raiders bowl next Saturday in Carpentersville.


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