Jesse J album review: Sweet Talker


The name Jessie J should not be new to people as lately her music is becoming more known with the singles “Bang Bang” which includes Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, as well as “Burnin up” featuring 2 Chainz.

Jessie J’s new album Sweet Talker uses many new sounds to accentuate the message behind each song. She did a really nice job with this album, and she dipped her feet into lots of different types of music to layer her ballad style singing onto.

The songs “Masterpiece” and “Personal “talk about her struggles with criticism from listeners and other artists, and how she admits that although she is not perfect, she is still amazing in her own way.

Said Too Much” and “Fire” talk about relationships and their issues. Jessie J sings about how she feels hurt by her lover saying things to her that they should not have said. “Fire” is slower and it is a tribute to the feeling of being in love and why she cannot leave.

Jessie J’s former albums such as “Who You Are” talked mostly about issues she sees with society, such as greed where her song “Price Tag” or dealing with bullies which she addresses in her song “Who’s Laughing Now.”

This new album focuses on dealing criticism, as well as some new topics such as dealing with an emotionally difficult relationship. The song the album is named after talks about being in love with someone who says all the right things and makes you fall for the way they talk to you.

Jessie J’s new album does proud to her sound and is a great example of how well she can experiment with her style. Hopefully the next one is different and just as good as this one.


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