John Baylor Visits HHS


“The goal is to get into the best college at the lowest cost,” said ACT guru John Baylor.

Baylor’s words echoed throughout the auditorium on Feb. 26, as Huntley’s students listened to him give one final lesson, less than a week before all of the juniors will take their ACT tests.

Baylor’s ACT prep program, as well as his catchphrases, have been etched into the minds of all of Huntley’s juniors ever since they started his program in January.

Some students find these sessions  to be an annoyance, but it is hard to argue that it at least did help some students.

“I don’t know if John Baylor really helps all of the students, but it definitely can’t hurt us, and it’s better than nothing,” said junior Zack Waitzman.

There is no doubt that Baylor is a character, and how it plays a role in helping students remember his grammar rules, and other tips. Baylor’s humor came out, as he called out a few students for sleeping during his lesson.

“Don’t give up on me now scholar, you’re only helping China right now,” said Baylor.

Baylor’s main goal is to help students raise their ACT score, so they can get into college, defeat economic globalization, and help themselves in a competitive job market.

“I really think John Baylor helped me, if anything, it is much better than going into the ACT blind.” said Waitzman

Baylor addressed the crowd of students, telling them to hammer the grammar, and jack up the ACT scores, in hopes that they will not forget what he has taught them when it comes down to the big day on Tuesday, March 3.


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