Leggee mother-son dance provides fun bonding experience

Students and their mothers dance to the music at Leggee's Charlie's Chocolate Mixer (V. Reales).

Leggee Elementary School recently gave students the opportunity to do so at their Charlie’s Chocolate Mixer.

The Leggee PTA organized this mother-son event, held on Feb. 24 in the Leggee gym. The sons got to decorate cookies, eat fondue, color, and dance with their friends and moms. Jen Besch, president of the PTA, and Susan Leifer, vice-president, were co-chairs of the event.

“Every year we try to do a mother-son and a father-daughter event,” said Leifer. “We do something different every year, depending on whoever’s running it.”

The mixer was not a fundraiser because no money spent was for profit. Any money inputted by the parents is only to cover the required costs, like paying for the chocolate. This year, Morke’s Chocolates, a candy-making organization, provided the delectable sweet treats.

“Someone suggested [this theme] at a PTA meeting and we all thought it was a great idea,” said Besch.

The night was filled with smiling faces and excited people. It was set up so the children would get the opportunity to decorate four cookies with their mothers, grab a fondue tray that contained strawberries, pretzels, and marshmallows, eat the sweets in the cafeteria, and then head out to the Leggee gym to dance to some popular songs.

“It’s great because they make sweets with their parents and then go dance all the sugar off,” said Leifer.

Tickets to the event were purchased in advance and cost $5 per person.

“Our parents usually like it better when we organize low-cost events,” said Leifer. “Simple things like this, that can be held in the school and cost the parents less money, are definitely preferred.”

Many Leggee students were at the mixer with their mothers, including kindergarten teacher Carrie Hernandez’s third grader, Mateo.

“My favorite part is spending this special night with my son and watching him interact with his friends,” said Hernandez. “It’s just a really fun night.”



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