“Little Women” takes the stage


The lights dim, the overture music begins, and sophomore Jonathan Kaye enters the stage. He calls for Jo March, played by sophomore Leslie Allen. She enters the stage from the door on the right, and opens a letter of rejection.

“Little Women” takes place in 1865.  Jo, Beth, Meg, and Amy are all sisters who vow to stay together forever. They are watched over by their mother, Marmee March, played by sophomore Katie Feeley. Their father is off in the war that is going on during this time.

Jo is a writer who is trying to get published for the first time in New York. Leslie says that her favorite part of the show is the song, “Our Finest Dreams”, where all the girls are singing about Christmas and how they can make it special.

Beth, played by sophomore Katy Birky, is the only girl who doesn’t have a love interest. She cares about one person more than anyone else, her sister Jo. Beth later becomes very sick.

Katy says that her favorite part of the show is when it is just her and Jo singing “Some Things Are Meant To Be.” The song is about Beth’s thoughts on if she were to pass away due to her illness. As for the process of the entire show, Katy says she loves the relationships with the other cast members that have built up over time.

Kyle Schneider was the pit director. Due to the band being unable to use the actual pit due to safety concerns and for the sake of stage space, the band sat in between the first row of seats, and the stage. Schneider says that after about a month of rehearsal with the band, he is happy to see how much the students got into it.

Nancy Cross and Tom George directed the overall show. Cross says the show really fits the students and the students did such a great job.

Cross mentioned how when you have a show with so many details, you have to start large and work your way down to the fine details. Through out the rehearsals, there are always questionable times where it doesn’t look like it will come together, but Cross says it did.

And it really did.


  1. The teachers and students should be commended for an outstanding show. The hard work really paid off. Kudos to all the
    Musicians as well. The live music made me feel as though I was watching a professional Theater troupe in action!


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