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Jessabelle's confrontation (Courtesy of

Lionsgate releases yet another successful horror film directed by Kevin Greutert, director of Saw VII and Saw VI. Like the Saw movies, Jessabelle is sure to confuse you until the last 5 minutes of the movie. The majority of the movie keeps you guessing, and once you are sure you have it figured out, there is another twist added.

After a tragic car accident in the opening scene, Jessabelle is left temporarily paralyzed, broke, and homeless. In result, she must move back in with her short-tempered father. But to make things worse, Jessabelle’s mother passed away when she was very young and her father shipped her off to live with her aunt. Since she has not seen her father in years, there is a great amount of awkwardness between the two.

Once she arrives at her father’s house, he takes her into the house and brings her into her mom’s old room, where she will be staying. Jessabelle thinks she is going crazy when she begins having nightmares and hearing a woman’s voice humming at night. The following day, she discovers a box full of VHS tapes under her bed labeled “Happy 18th Birthday Jessabelle.” Out of curiosity, Jessabelle decides to watch them.

Her mother appears before the camera and tells her a little bit about herself, knowing she has terminal cancer and that she will not be there when Jessabelle turns 18. She decides to give a tarot card reading for Jessabelle’s birthday. However, the cards do not give a pleasant fortune. The death card comes up first, accompanied by the tragedy card.

“You’re already dead Jessabelle.” Her mother’s words replay in her head, confusing her more after each echo. Jessabelle’s father catches her watching the videos and demands to know where she found them.

After another incident involving Jessabelle, her father takes the tapes from her and attempts to burn them. He fails, encouraging Jessabelle to watch the rest of them. The last video she watches is the worst of them all. Her mother mentions a female spirit wanting her out of the house who will stop at nothing.

The ending is unexpected and creative in how it ties everything in together. It will leave you in shock and astonishment. Although the ending does not give any closure, it is satisfying enough to earn four out of five stars.

However, do not be fooled. Remember “You’re already dead Jessabelle.”

Jessabelle's confrontation (Courtesy of
Jessabelle’s confrontation (Courtesy of
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