NBA Conference Final Predictions

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NBA Conference Final Predictions

Eastern Conference:

Cleveland Cavaliers #1 vs. Washington Wizards #3

With the season almost hitting the all star break, the NBA standings and teams are finding their true identities. In the Eastern Conference, it seems pretty simple. LeBron James has been in the last six NBA Finals and conference finals, and it looks to be for a seventh. The Cavs had a rough bump in the road the last few weeks but look like they’re getting back on track at the right time. They have a small lead over Boston for the one seed, but the way Cleveland has played all year, they look to stay on pace for the one seed.

When the playoffs are set and ready to go, I see Cleveland taking on Washington for a trip to the NBA Finals. No doubt the Cavs get into the finals with LeBron James and one of the best depth teams in the league. But they will have a challenge in the Wizards. Washington would have to beat Indiana in the first round, and probably either Toronto or Boston.

They’re a tough team to beat a home, they just got their 17 game winning streak at home snapped this Monday, and have a decent record away. John Wall is hitting his peak in his career as he will be up there for MVP contention this year. He’s also getting help from Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr., something he hasn’t been getting the last few years.

In the conference finals, they would matchup really well. If Beal and Porter guard well vs. Cleveland’s depth, they can compete and give them a series. Let’s not forget the Raptors forced Game 6 on Cleveland last year, so the Cavs could see a really close series like that again.

Western Conference:

Golden State Warriors #1 vs. San Antonio Spurs #2

This was the matchup many people thought we were going to see last year. But after the Thunder beat the Spurs in the second round, the Warriors played the Thunder for the conference title. San Antonio has changed this season either. Even losing Tim Duncan to retirement hasn’t slowed this team down, as they content every year.

The Spurs showed the world on opening night who they were when they tipped off the season in Oakland and beat the Warriors by 29. They’re going to play like that to win against the Warriors. The Warriors can beat teams in so many ways with their fast pace three point shooting, inside game with Draymond Green, and risky and aggressive defense.

The veteran experience could help the Spurs in a long series, but this young and exciting Warriors team doesn’t lose consistently. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant have played well throughout this whole year and that’s why they’re a top of the league with the best record.

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