Now and On Earth album review: Blacked Out


Now and on Earth is a metalcore band that recently released their new album “Blacked Out.” Going into this review, I had never heard of this band before and probably never would have because I do not normally listen to metalcore music.  I had many presumptions about that genre of music and this band I had never heard of.


After listening to the first few songs and seeing the titles of the other songs and the title of the album, I could see a reoccurring theme. I realized that this album is dark with most of the songs speaking of depression and despair in a world about ready to collapse.


Many of their songs encourage listeners to keep fighting through the rough times. For example, in their song, “All On You,” it speaks of one trying to push a friend to keep fighting and to never lose hope.


“I saw the life disappear from your eyes

Where is your will to fight?

I saw the life disappear from your eyes

You lost the will, the will to fight back.”


A song that really showed me the grit of this band was the vocals in the song “Majesty.” The singer has this rasp in his voice that really brings it in all the songs, but more noticeably in this song.


I thought of their song “Majesty” as a song of heartbreak and giving into the idea that the pain of a heart break can never be fixed and that it will never be the same,


“I bow my knees to you my majesty

And you stole every piece of my sanity

Without a doubt I am a broken mirror of you

You’re a part of me I can’t rip out

Tearing me from the inside out

Without a doubt, without a doubt.”


This album is intense, aggressive, and has many catchy lines and guitar riffs. It brings many different things to the table making it a band like no other.

Now and On Earth is a relatively newer band and has yet to make its big break, but this album may just be that break. Now and On Earth has never been on tour before, but with this album they will be going on their first tour so they are definitely a band to look out for.



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