Once Upon A Mattress: musical coming to the HHS theater soon!

Photo taken by Marilyn Young of https://www.lagunabeachindy.com/spring-musical-upon-mattress-opens/

You’ve all heard the story “The Princess and The Pea,” but most have not heard of the musical “Once Upon A Mattress,” a story that is based on that old tale.

Dauntless, the prince, and Fred, the princess, have to pass a series of tests for them to be allowed to be married.

The Queen, who is the antagonist of the show, attempts to stop Dauntless and Fred from getting married because she wants to remain in power. The Queen holds a test, a test of sensitivity to see if Fred is worthy of Dauntless. Although, the Queen’s test are made to be unpassable.

Characters including Lady Larken, the Wizard, Sir Harry, the Minstrel, and the King are the characters this story is really revolved around. Each character impacts the other and makes the story move along.

In the end, Fred is proven to be a real princess by passing her test. The happy ending we all came to know and love from the original “The Princess and The Pea” stays consistent within the musical.

This swing-styled musical takes place in medieval times and is full of comedy. Funny sexual innuendo can be found in almost every scene. Each character comes alive when their struggle comes to an understanding.

Earlier this month, auditions for the All School Musical were held, and Once Upon a Time is the show HHS actors are performing. The cast is full of talented students who are ready to start making this show the best they can make it. Be sure to come see the show April 18-21!

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