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Don’t panic.

Jump off a 60 foot cliff to start.

Don’t panic.

Walk across an old, slippery, wood board, over 100 feet in the air. The fastest person to get from one side to the other, wins.

Don’t panic.

Panic is the name of the game and all you have to do is get to the end alive. To me, this game of chance and skill sounds downright thrilling. Adrenaline racing through your veins, fighting against the urge to quit, to give up the chance to win.

Lauren Oliver tells a gripping story of seniors in high school fighting for more than money. They are fighting for glory. It held me captive in the pages, making me question whether I was here, reading, or in the game, fighting to win.

What would I risk for over $50,000? Almost anything. That kind of money can fix things, help people, and make the biggest dreams come true. What would you risk for that kind of money? In this page turner, many risk their lives.

The title of New York Times Bestseller is well earned. As the title of the book foreshadows, panic is a part of every stage of the game and every page. Players hold nothing back, in, and out of the game. It’s summer and the game is on. The first page brought chills to me with the first words.

Then of course, this is me talking, so where does the romance come in? The review on the book brought me to read it in the first place, showing the smallest hint of romance. Since the theme of panic has the spotlight, relationships and romance is put on hold until further notice, which gave the book a happy ending.

Overall, the book is quite intense, emotions flying and adrenaline pumping. But while you’re speeding own the road towards another car, waiting for the other to swerve first, remember:

Don’t panic.

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