Prom Committee in progress of finalizing Prom’s last details


As Prom tickets have gone on sale, the Prom Committee is busy trying to finalize the details of what this year’s event will consist of.

The committee has met with a DJ, Eric St. John, who works with Entertainment Concepts, company used during Homecoming that provided props. They cater to a vast array of different events, but the major ones being school dances, such as Prom and Homecoming.

Juniors Alekya Prathivadi and Katy Siegfort view different options for this year's lighting and setup concepts for Prom (O. Tseumah)

Entertainment Concepts will again be utilized for Prom.

With the new location of Prom this year at The Renaissance it allows for more possibilities.

“You have the size going for you because you can have the long floor as well as wide,” said St. John.

The new Prom venue, booked for not only this years’ Prom on May 5, but next years’ as well, offers flexibility due to the size of the room. John plans to transform the Prom Committee’s concept of, “heaven on earth” into reality.

The Prom Committee has not come up with one set agenda for what the color concept or music list will consist of quite yet.

“We think everything needs to feel heavenly, so lots of very light pastel colors, lots of whites and blues” said the Prom Committee.

The committee’s first agenda is to focus on selling Prom tickets, after tickets sales have ended they then go on to focus on the details surrounding Prom.

“The goal is to send everyone out looking like they were hosed down by a fire truck because they were dancing so much and having so much fun,” said St. John.

A safe and fun night for all is what St. John along with Student Council hope for.



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