Remember the 8s


Screenshot_2014-09-30-12-41-00_1_1Sitting at home over the summer with his feet up on the couch thinking about the upcoming school year a sad lingering thought crosses HHS English teacher Peter D. Pettorini’s mind.

Should I not come back to Huntley for the 2014-2015 school year?

He glances over at his wife Beth & 1-year-old son Dominic.

Everything is so right about Huntley but the commute.

Something needs to be done.

I need to do right by my family.  

I need to take a job closer to home if the opportunity is there.

He puts on his dress shirt and tie and sets out to attain a job closer to home.

He sets his sights on a school only 15 minutes away from home, Round Lake High School.

Pettorini interviews with the department chair, two English teachers, and two administrators, the standard panel in the teaching field.

The interview goes well.

“Okay Peter, we will be in contact with you within a week or so with our decision,” said the panel. They exchange handshakes and Pettorini walks away with a bittersweet smile on his face, feeling confident.

Three days later the phone rings and it’s them.

They offer him the job.

He accepts the position as an English IV teacher at Round Lake. It is the same position as Huntley, with a $5000 pay increase.

“I’ll miss Huntley, the culture, the students, and all the school pride,” said Pettorini.

His laid back but serious-when-needed-to-be teaching style followed him to his new school, along with his devotion to treating his students the way they want to be treated.

The great man and teacher who would create an incredible environment every class period, was unlike any other teacher. He created the kind of environment where you could walk into the classroom having the worst day ever, but you would always leave with it being your best.

Never is there a dull moment behind his classroom doors.

Pettorini will be dearly missed by all students who had the opportunity to have a great guy as a teacher.

“8s forever.”


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