Road to Victory: Girls Tennis Secures a Win Against Cary Grove

Huntley High School girls tennis defeated Cary Grove Thursday night with a team score of 5-2 (J. Barker).

The Huntley girls tennis team produced an amazing victory against Cary Grove on Thursday, winning five out of the seven matches played. So far, they have had a really good season, going 8-1. With Thursday’s win, their season record is 9-1.

According to coach Barry Wells, their only loss was to Jacobs. But with their record, they have a good chance at placing second in conference, which is higher than they have ever gotten.

Huntley High School girls tennis prepares to begin their match against Cary Grove on Thursday (Courtesy of J.Barker).
Huntley High School girls tennis prepares to begin their match against Cary Grove on Thursday (J.Barker).

The Raiders started off very strong, with winning score cards on almost every court, although Cary Grove kept up early in the first few games. Towards the middle of the matches, Huntley was pulling ahead with their points.  If they were winning, they won even more games, and if they were behind, they caught up and gained the upperhand or kept the scores really close.

Junior Francesca Mannarino dominated her first set leading 6-2 and finished strong with another set of 6-4, giving the team a singles win. The fourth doubles team consisting of two juniors, Jordyn Bremer and Merritt Whiteside, pulled off a very strong win for the team, winning their first set 6-1. Keeping a very big lead, they won their second set, 6-1.

First doubles was made up of two seniors, Becca Fishman and Abbey Roeser. Both played very well at the net, denying their opponents of many points with well placed volleys. They won the match 6-4 in both sets.

From every serve to every ground stroke, the girls deserved their team´s victory. After Cary Grove left, coach Wells called the team over for a quick talk. Afterwards, they all broke it down and yelled “RAIDERS!”

Securing another victory got the girls one step closer to conference and state. With an amazing season record so far, they hope to keep winning and to go further in conference then they ever have before.

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