Song of the Week: Animals


“Animals” by Maroon 5 is the number one song on their new album “V” which was released Sept. 2. The song itself is very catchy and has taken the radios by storm. The music video for “Animals” has received quite a bit of criticism from sexual assault groups for being dehumanizing to women and making violence look like something fun. I watched the video, and while it does not stray away from the theme of stalking, it does not encourage it either. Most music videos today are shying away from being appropriate and artists are branching out with their music videos to keep up with today’s society. “Animals” is number four on iTunes and is 33 on the US Billboard Hot 100.Maroon 5 performs in St. Paul


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Courtney Thomas
Courtney Thomas ,senior, is the Editor-in-Chief for the Voice and; this is her third year on staff. Courtney enjoys hanging out with her friends in her free time. She is working to finish "How I Met Your Mother" and "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix, and hopes to move to "Stranger Things" afterwards. Currently, Courtney works on Tom's Farm Market. She is thrilled to see what her final year on staff of the Voice brings.


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