Song of the Week: ‘Island in the Sun’ gives a message of hope

Weezer poses for a photo (Courtesy of

Spring Break is right around the corner, being a short three days away, and I know most of us won’t be traveling to some tropical, warm place, but staying right here, in good ole’ chilly Illinois. But why must we be sad about that? Turn on “Island in the Sun” by Weezer (Yes, the people who sing “Thank God for Girls” also sings this song!) and pretend that you’re not stuck in the gloomy Illinois weather. The song, released Aug. 28, 2001, will remind you of better times to come and warmer weather. The music video will also put you in a better mood; a bride and groom are celebrating their special day, with none other than this song playing in the background. Watch the music video and try to remember, summer is right around the corner.

Weezer poses for a photo (Courtesy of
Weezer poses for a photo (Courtesy of



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