Speeding off into the future

A red concept Laferrari


The LaFerrari. Looking like something out of every young car loving child’s dreams, Ferrari places their new beast of a vehicle on the road.laferrarilaferrari

Besides its futuristic gorgeous exterior, it also has some rather futuristic mind-blowing specs under the hood. The 950 horse-powered, $1.4 Million dollar hypercar was unveiled by the company in early 2013.

A red concept Laferrari
A red concept Laferrari

The name of the car was said to be a reflection of all of the very best capabilities and technologies within Ferrari coming together to create one hell of a car. Sadly, this car will forever be a dream to most people, as only 499 are being built.

The car has an incredible 789 HP, 6.3 L V-12 engine with a 161 HP boost just from an electric motor. Wait… so it’s a hybrid? Oh, it most definitely is. This car is poised to be king of all exotic sports cars.

The LaFerrari ranks #1 out of its competing hypercars such as the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, Bugatti Veyron, and the Pagani Huayara. However, unlike its other rivals, the Ferrari’s power unit has been made to produce its maximum outputs at any moment.

The naturally aspirated combustion engine and new Hy-KERS system have been beautifully engineered to work in harmony as one to deliver full performance whenever you want it. Also differing from its competitors, LaFerrari features an all carbon fiber tub on to which the engine and suspension are mounted, allowing the driver to feel it all. Electronics obviously play a massive role into the cars engineering.

The car has two wings, one at the front of the car and another at the rear. On the move these wings allow the car to decide how much downforce is needed. These wings also play a major role in cooling the engine, batteries, gearbox, and even the powerful carbon-ceramic brakes. The LaFerrari speeds off into the future paving the way for all other automakers and bringing a dream to real life.

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