Students of Business and Technology sell goods, learn sales techniques

Senior Caitlin Phillips sells Subway cookies, called 'CM Munchies."

The commons area was crowded with more excitement than usual, as students of the Business and Technology class sold goods to students during fourth, fifth, and sixth hour on Thursday Dec. 3 on Entrepreneur Day.

“You get to learn how to be a business person,” said freshman Nikolas Wise. “[You get to sell] your product and advertise it.” Wise and his partner, freshman Sebastian Bolanos, were selling earbuds for $1. Their profit was called the “My Pocket Foundation.”

Senior Christian Olivera sells two packages of fruit snacks for a dollar.
Senior Christian Olivera sells two packages of fruit snacks for $1. (Courtesy of A. O’Brien)

Students of the class were assigned to create a product, a plan to sell the product, and the given the opportunity to attempt to sell the product. Students sold items from Cookies, to pet rocks, and anything in between. Every student also kept the profits for themselves.

“It’s fun to just get the feeling of being in a business and knowing how it works,” said Bolanos. The students were able to have a real life experience in sales.

The class is taught by Tricia Eibl and open to any grade. Students can take on the skills and experience of a real business person and learn how to run a business as well.


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