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Former One Direction Liam Payne member lacks direction in new album

Courtesy of Liam Payne's Twitter

Skylar Sharkey

December 6, 2019

Despite Liam Payne’s past success in the music industry with the band One Direction, his first debut album, “LP1,” is  one-dimensional and lacks sufficient depth to be considered a substantial success.  The 26-year-old singer, whose musical talent was first recognized on “The X Factor...

Weezer Releases “Weezer (Teal Album)”

Weezer Releases

Austin Stadie

February 25, 2019

It’s been 25 years since Weezer released their first album, and before the release of their much anticipated “Weezer (Black Album)” next month, they have dropped a 10 track cover record that runs for just over 36 minutes. Weezer was all over social media in May of last year when they released their...

James Blake Returns With “Assume Form”

Cover art for the album

Austin Stadie

January 31, 2019

London-based singer, songwriter, and producer James Blake hadn’t released an album in over two years, but was extremely active working on a number of massive albums like, “Lemonade,” “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight,” “4:44,” “Black Panther: The Album,” and “Astroworld.” He is fin...

Kris Wu branches out with new album, “Antares”

Austin Stadie

November 15, 2018

Kris Wu's "Antares" marks his first musical venture since leaving K-pop boy band "EXO" in 2014. Wu made an interesting transition, going from a K-pop band to a solo hip-hop artist. During his time in "EXO," he garnered plenty notoriety in China, which allowed him to secure a number of big features from p...

This Is: Local Natives

(Courtesy of

Sarah Biernat

October 2, 2016

WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS BAND IF YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE. This is simply a breakdown of one of indie’s best bands, Local Natives, and their work over the years. On September 9, this Californian quintet released their third album, “Sunlit Youth,” and boy did it mess me up. These gu...

Top Seven Underrated Artists

MAX promotes his new album

Sarah Biernat

February 26, 2016

ithin the last 12 months, I’ve found myself becoming obsessed with a lot of different genres of music, a lot of it considered “hipster” and “underground.” Yes, some of it I’d jam to at Coachella, but some you just would not see a little ginger child listening to. This month I’m making a ...

Wiz Khalifa Disappoints with New Album ‘Khalifa’

Wiz Khalifa's new album

Sarah Biernat

February 9, 2016

am slowly having no faith in music. Everything is trash now, no creativity, nothing original; everything is just basic. I thought there was still faith in rap music because of G-Eazy’s album “When It’s Dark Out,” but I was sadly mistaken. When it comes to Khalifa, his “art” is a hi...

Song of the Week: “Someone New” gains popularity

Hozier's new album gains popularity as each day progresses (Courtesy of

Courtney Thomas

November 17, 2015 he song “Someone New” by Hozier was released May 11, 2015, and was the fifth single on his first album, “Hozier.” The song has only now become popular, being played on the radio often. The music video has close to 30 million views on YouTube and th...

Disclosure Takes Over the House Music World with “Caracal”

Disclosure does not disappoint fans with their new album

Sarah Biernat

October 18, 2015

isclosure’s new album is something big. You will become latched onto this new album, “Caracal." With terrible puns aside, the British duo is back with a similar vibe, yet new beats that will get you hooked. Let’s start off with Disclosure’s biggest hit, “Latch” featuring Sam Smith. T...

Drake and Future collaborate to create “What a Time to be Alive”

Drake's new album proves to be as dynamic as his previous album 'So Far Gone' (Courtesy of

Samantha Stubits

October 16, 2015 "When you get around Future, it's like a vortex," said Drake of his Atlanta-based collaborator on this fulfilling yet thrilling 11-track mixtape. At first, their imbalanced contributions suggest the Toronto-based rapper has been...

Twenty One Pilots has high potential with “Blurryface”

21 Pilots posing for their newest album release

Kat Gorospe

May 21, 2015

aybe it is the unique alternative sound that got Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun their share of fame; or maybe it is the advantage of social media that got the word out. Whatever the case may be, the Ohio duo, Twenty One Pilots, is overhyped. I never paid much attention to new bands since I figured th...

“Wilder Mind” shapes a new tone for Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons released

Ryan Mills

May 4, 2015

ell known Folk band Mumford and Sons released their third album “Wilder Mind” this past Monday. One thing this album brings to fans is variations of either love or hate. “Wilder Mind” brings about a whole new sound for Mumford and Sons. They step away from their banjos and switches to all el...