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January’s Recipe: Fresh Bread

January's Recipe: Fresh Bread

Sumbul Shakeel

January 21, 2016

t’s been extremely cold the past couple of weeks, and I know all I want to do is stay indoors and sit under my blanket all day. In my effort to be comfortable, I often find myself too lazy to drive out to the grocery store and shop for food. Those are the days when I try my best to survive on what I ...

December’s Recipe: Old-Fashioned Iced Oatmeal Cookies

Courtesy of S. Shakeel

Sumbul Shakeel

December 7, 2015

omething that I tend to miss around the holiday season are definitely hot chocolate and iced oatmeal cookies. There’s just the right amount of cinnamon, sweet icing, crunchy yet chewy texture, and warm feeling of these cookies that has me hooked. I remember the first time I ever tasted oatmeal co...

November’s Recipe: Amish Cinnamon Bread

November's Recipe: Amish Cinnamon Bread

Sumbul Shakeel

November 5, 2015

ith Thanksgiving around the corner, people are starting to plan out their extensive dinner menus, after all, it’s the one time of the year when families get together to have a feast. It is supposed to be a time of sharing, caring, football, and enjoying time with each other. So I thought what be...

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