The Voice

Color Guard starts the preseason off right

Photo courtesy of: Emily McCusker

Jenna Link

February 11, 2018

Their feet pound on the hard linoleum floor of the cafeteria as they count the beats in their heads. Each movement is carefully planned and executed to be in sync. They flow from one component to the next with each step having some meaning to match the music. The HHS Color Guard adds the visual componen...

The one and only man

The one and only man

Jaclyn Polit

January 30, 2014

“H-U-N-T-L-E-Y!” chant the shrill voices of the color guard. All voices are at  high octaves and feminine, all bodies are dressed up in skirts, and faces are adorned with makeup, all except for one. One voice chants a smooth bass, distinctively male. One person dresses in a suit. That voice and un...

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