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D158 Board of Education Enacts Off-Site Schooling

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Nicholas Fleege

October 25, 2016

On Thursday, October 20 District 158’s Board of Education conducted a regularly scheduled meeting. The meeting was headed by president Donald Drzal. A group of cheerful students from Leggee Elementary School recited the pledge of allegiance and the meeting came to a start. During the meeting, ...

COW Meeting: Alternative high school may be an option for selective students

COW Meeting: Alternative high school may be an option for selective students

Devin Martin

November 9, 2015

n alternative high school was brought up to the board of education four to five years ago. However, with financial reasons, the BOE was never able to act upon the new proposal. However, the economics have changed and a skeleton plan for an alternative high school might be able to be enacted soon to be...

Restaurant Review: Burnt Toast offers an enjoyable experience to all

Burnt Toast offers the California BLT  that will make you wanting more (Courtesy of

Mawa Iqbal

April 21, 2015

t was the end of our days of relaxation and freedom, so my dad decided to take me and my brother out to Sunday brunch at Burnt Toast. Our highly-anticipated long weekend ended in a high, delicious note. The line, as expected on a Sunday afternoon, stretched past the front doors and into the parking lo...

Song of the Week: “Move Along” leaves a sense of inspiration to the finishing school year

All American Rejects

Courtney Thomas

April 21, 2015 he song “Move Along” by the All-American Rejects keeps playing on the radio and I keep wondering why. I think it keeps playing to remind us that school is almost over and all we can do is keep pushing until summer. I know I am struggling to get through th...

The track to Tennessee Tech

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Mawa Iqbal

April 29, 2014

“Last call for the 400 meter dash!" That’s her cue. Senior Tina Driscoll makes her way over to her designated lane and starts to warm up for the race that most girls on the team consider to be one of the hardest. “Runners, take your mark!” She loosens up her muscles one last time before...

“Transcendence” fails to rise above a clunky plot

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Holly Baldacci

April 19, 2014

To me, the most successful sci-fi focuses on concepts just out of our reach and plays them off as plausible. “Transcendence” starts out with this promise, but as the minutes tick by, the plot only grows more ridiculous, and the concepts become almost magical as opposed to scientific and technological. The ...

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