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Read and Relax: “Green”

Read and Relax:

Jimmie Soriano

December 11, 2019

Green Never was there life Besides these plants in their pacts An entire living society? No, left only were their tracks    Whatever lead to their downfall Must have been something vast Or maybe it was themselves Their oblivion unsurpassed   Only something gradual and dark Ca...

Christmas coming too early

Christmas coming too early

Caitlyn Gooden

November 12, 2019

Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes are being sold by the second. Everyone is welcoming fall in their fuzzy sweaters and Ugg boots. Then, boom; somehow everyone finds themselves listening to “Jingle Bell Rock” by the middle of October.  The transition from summer to fall is beautiful, but most of the...

A Very Merry Christmas for Huntley

A Very Merry Christmas for Huntley

Emily Kindl

December 5, 2016

Braving the wintry cold, families are standing in line outside sipping on the free hot chocolate, waiting for the horse-drawn trolleys to arrive. Excitement exudes from the children when they hear the clopping of the horses nearing them. Inside, beautifully and festively decorated Christmas trees line...

It’s the most wonderful time of movies and music

It's the most wonderful time of movies and music

Laura Pilat

December 20, 2013

Delicate snowflakes fall against the white blanket that lies on the ground outside, coating every pine tree that once was bare. Just escaping the bitter chill from the outdoor tundra, the mittens and jackets are shed as the snow is shaken off. With water boiling on the oven, the Swiss Miss hot chocola...

Huntley bands perform in Winter Concert

The Wind Ensemble B performs in their holiday concert (M. Wilson).

Megan Wilson

December 18, 2013

Walking into Huntley's performing arts center, the loud rumble of about 200 hundred voices echoes off the sound boards. The audience lights faded and up came the blue green lighted background to set the mood for the holiday concert. The first band lines up to take their seats on stage with instruments...

Marek’s Mind: The spirit of Thanksgiving

Marek's Mind: The spirit of Thanksgiving

Marek Makowski

November 16, 2012

In years past, I haven’t been very grateful on Thanksgiving. Like millions of teenagers in the United States, I was grateful to have a day off of school to eat and watch bad football games.  I slopped homemade cranberry sauce on white meat and lifted my fork in the air to toast the pilgrims’...

Black Friday Preview

Black Friday Preview

Michael Geheren

November 24, 2011

The Voice has created a Black Friday guide for 2011. This year the stores are opening earlier as ever (some even on Thanksgiving). We will show you some of the best deals in Huntley and help you map your route. Walmart 12300 Route 47 Huntley, IL 60142 Opens 10pm Thursday Night for Toys & More...