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The Life of a New Father: John Nichols

The Life of a New Father: John Nichols

Ruhi Gulati

January 16, 2020

As the school bell’s sharp ring breaks John Nichols’s train of thought, whispers of conversation start to die down and student’s heads snap towards the front of the physics classroom. Slowly, Nichols rises up from his comfy chair and begins to welcome back his class from winter break. As time pass...

Clubs of HHS: The New Botany Club

Courtesy of Connecticut College at

Elizabeth Kim

November 7, 2018

For this school year in Huntley High School, there’s a new club called Botany Club for 2018. This club is based on the environment and learning about the growth of plants, DIY project for home decor, painting flowers, plant studies, projects, field trips etc. This club is made by twins Matthew and Eliza...