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In-person friendships become a thing of the past

R. Murphy

Riley Murphy

April 18, 2018

Over time, social media has become more and more involved in our lives. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few of the platforms that offer a lot of power to today’s teens, and whether this power is used for good or bad is up to them. While there are often stories about some of the...

App of the Month: ‘Snapchat’ dominates The App Store

Raemon Savillo

January 27, 2016

s sophomore Brock Dickte is in The Hub, he is on an app called "Snapchat." Hence, when Dickte is on it, he takes a funny picture of one of his friends, and laughter fills the table as the picture he took was very comedic. "Snapchat" has been rising in the charts on The App Store this month, with new featu...