Tenth Annual Huntley Fall Fest

Ferris wheel passengers have a great view of the hot air balloon tether ride late Saturday night. (9/26)

In the midst of a sudden weather chill, we begin to divulge in the festivities of fall. One of the most anticipated festivities, appearing for one weekend every year in  Huntley, is known as the Huntley Fall Fest.

The Fall Fest provides an enjoyable, family-friendly environment consisting of a variety of carnival rides and local bands from McHenry County area and beyond. The fest has a growing turnout, and many distinguished, local food businesses.

Although, this time around seems to be especially popular because it is the first time where admission is free for all days.

The fest has known to be a great place for children. From scarecrow building to pumpkin bowling, kids from all ages can participate in hands-on games designed specifically for this event.

Scheduled concerts allow for a variety of music genres. Bands like 7th Heaven, The Spazmatics, and American English take to the stage to maintain their following and hopefully lure others into the entertainment of their original music.

Deicke Park contains many activities for children and their families. The Stingray Bay area provides space for the carnival rides. The ‘main pad’ connects both into a single zone comprised of multiple food stands and an abundance of seats located in the front of the main stage where the bands are to perform.

While listening to the bands, the alluring sight of hot air balloons rising above the fest catches the wandering eyes of inexperienced and curious attendees.

It is an experience like no other. After ten years of mellifluous music, savory food, and amusing rides, Huntley Fall Fest flourishes and waits again for the weather to indicate the beginning of another exciting weekend.


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