The Tune-Up: April

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April, the month of confused weather. We’ve had snow, sun, and a good amount of rain. But, as the flowers begin to bloom for May, the showers that inevitably accompany these sprouts keep us stuck inside. So, if you’re not feeling Netflix and would prefer stare out the window, here are a few songs get you in the rainy season mood. These would be even better to put on while you’re swamped studying for finals and AP testing! We’ll be sure to provide a relaxing background for all of your guys’ hectic schedules. As always, Enjoy!

-Faith and Sophie

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Faith Losbanes
Faith Losbanes is a staff writer for The Voice and; this is her first year on the staff. In her free time, Faith likes to sing, play instruments, and paint. She enjoys hanging out with friends, and family. She is also a fan of long walks, adventures, and sunsets.


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