Thor: Ragna-rocks the Theaters

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Thor Ragnarok was a visually-striking, action-packed, and fun for all family movie. The use of colorful costumes and futuristic settings makes for a truly eye opening Marvel movie.

After Thor is thrown out of the bifrost he lands a on an outer planet called Sacar, where he is forced to fight in a gladiator battle against the Hulk [Mark Ruffalo] in order to gain his freedom. Once the Hulk recognizes him, Thor wants them to work together along with Valkyrie [Tessa Thompson] to fight against Hela, the Goddess of death [Cate Blanchett]. In order stop her from taking control of the entire universe with her undead army of Asgardian soldiers.

Director Taika Waititi puts a spin on his first Marvel movie by actually taking a role in the film himself. His character Korg is an alien made entirely out of rocks and offers a comedic voice throughout the movie. Korg is also a prisoner on Sacar until Thor starts the revolution by freeing all of the prisoners so they can help him in his fight against Hela.

The cost of the entire film is estimated to be around $180 million and in seven different countries the box office projected that the movie made an estimated $400 million. In the US/Canada the box office projected and estimated $100million – $120 million alone.

The movie take place two years after the Avengers defeated Ultron. Thor finds that his brother Loki [Tom Hiddleston] is not dead and has actually taken over Asgard posing as Odin [Anthony Hopkins]. Thor learns that he and his evil elder sister Hela both draw their power from Asgard and that he is the only one that can stop her. With the help of his new team and old friend he faces off against Hela in a head to head battle and her army. As the fight courses on the people of Asgard must board a large spaceship in order to escape the destruction of the city.

The fight turns in the favor of Hela and when all hope seems lost, Odin tells Thor that his power comes from his people not Asgard and that he is even stronger than his father. Once he learns this the sky erupts with thunder and a huge lightening both blasts Hela out of the Palace, and Thor sporting his famous lightning bolts and tremendous power, finishes off most of Hela’s army.

When Thor realizes he cannot save Asgard but he can save his people, so he and his friends escape just as Hela is defeated by Surtur and falls along with all of Asgard. In the end, the people and Thor search for a new place to settle and start a new civilization.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is the Marvel movie everyone should see. It is bright, colorful, comedic, action-filled fun for everyone. Especially those who love Marvel comics and the cinematic universe.

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