TV Blog: “Dexter”

Dexter cover for season eight (Courtesy of

Dexter is a crime drama adapted from the book series by Jeff Lindsay.

It is about Dexter Morgan, blood spatter analyst by day and serial killer by night. The thing about Dexter, though, is that he only kills other killers.

Dexter was found in a pool of his mother’s blood at age three by cop Harry Morgan, who later adopted Dexter. Harry quickly recognized the signs of a psychopath in his son and used all his knowledge as a cop to teach Dexter Harry’s Code: a way to only kill those who deserve it.

Now Dexter is an adult with the perfect cover life: stable job, loving adoptive sister Deb, and girlfriend Rita and her two kids.

Dexter’s dark humor is great and watching him track the same serial killers as Miami Metro while they stand by clueless is the most engaging part of the show.

Despite having a few unsatisfactory seasons (ahem, season six) and a finale the fans refuse to acknowledge, ‘Dexter’ is overall an excellent show.

Dexter cover for season eight (Courtesy of
Dexter cover for season eight (Courtesy of


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