Varsity softball pulls out a win over Grayslake Central


As soon as you stepped foot on the bleachers at Tuesday’s game against Grayslake Central; you could tell the energy on the Red Raiders varsity softball team was high. With dubstep blasting from the home dugout, you knew that you were in for a good game.

The first inning flew by with Huntley not letting Grayslake get any runs scored. When Huntley went up to bat it was a complete different story. With all the parents ready to keep their daughters stats, the Raiders quickly scored three runs.

Most of the talk on the bleachers was about senior Meghan Larson who got hit in the face by a ball on Monday. It happened when the girls were in a huddle after an inning, when a ball was thrown towards the huddle. Larson turned around and got hit right in the nose. She received x-rays after the game and it was concluded that she did break it. However, she pushed through and played all of the game Tuesday.

In the third inning Huntley scored four more points. Going into the fourth Huntley was ahead with a score of 8-1

After an amazing third inning the level of hype from the Huntley dug out went to an all time high. Catcher Jessica Knutsen led the cheers, coming up with quite creative chants. Although sometimes the hooting and hollering took your attention away from the game; the amazing playing the girls were doing always would drag your attention back.

In some regulation games after the sixth inning, if a team is winning by eight or more points a slaughter rule is called. Even though the score was 10-2, after the sixth inning; a seventh inning was still played out. This was not a problem for Huntley, they held off Grayslake and finished the game with an astounding double play.

Huntley defeated Grayslake Central 10-2, the positive vibes and amazing playing really showed the talent that this years Varsity Red Raiders possesses.


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