The (Wild)cat is out of the bag: Huntley volleyball beats West Chicago

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The (Wild)cat is out of the bag: Huntley volleyball beats West Chicago

Jenna Stadie

Huntley Red Raiders varsity volleyball team vanquished the West Chicago Wildcats in a two set game.

Like every sports team, these girls made mistakes here and there, however, they kept their heads in the game leading Huntley to a victory in both sets. Huntley had a strong defense in this game holding West Chicago down to 15 points in the first set and 5 points in the second.

Though the defense played well, the offense had their fair share of hits. Gaining points on spiked balls is definitely a strong suit for these girls. At least six serves caused easy points to be obtained by the Red Raiders.

Huntley was determined to make this a two-set game. The Wildcats lost confidence and the ability to score, while the Red Raiders were quickly racking up points.

“They did a very good job of being disciplined and controlling the things we needed to control on our side,” coach Karen Naymola said. “When we are passing well, we have a very fast offense and we have a lot of offensive threats.”

Standouts tonight include senior Julia Johnson who made many winning strikes from the front row.

According to Naymola, with six solid hitters on the court at all times, they were able to pass consistently and run an effective offense.

With Huntley’s solid offense, their record increases to 8-2, while West Chicago heads home with a 7-11 record.

Though the Red Raiders and the Wildcats didn’t seem to be at the same skill level, both teams had great defensive and offensive skills, but Huntley gets took home the win this game.

“Even though the game wasn’t that intense, we made it fun by playing as a team,” junior Kylie Jenkins said.

Huntley’s next volleyball game is at Dundee on Sept. 20. 

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