“What About Love” movie review

Molly Baker, Staff writer

When tragedy strikes individuals it can bring people together, allowing a sense of unity and comfort for the person. In the month of love and togetherness the film “What About Love” directed by Klaus Menzel, makes the heart grow and the emotions flow. This film captures all the feelings of sympathy, selfdiscovery, and love. 

The movie takes place all throughout Europe. The film follows Christian Santigo played by Miguel Angel Munoz, and Tanner Tarlton played by Marielle Jaffe. Flashing back from different time periods of the characters’ love affair. 

Christian and Tanner, have known each other for a long time. They both decided they are going to travel through Europe to make a film about love around the world. During this escape, they start to realize their true loves are closer than they realized

The two characters partway, after their film, and never seem to come back to it again causing them to drift apart. In a way, their love for the film was also the same love for each other. Over the next years, Tanner and Christian live separate lives.

I am a huge hopeless romantic, so I had hopes that this movie would fulfill that side of myself. Sadly, I can say it did not. The movie was extremely cheesy and painful at some point to watch. I caught myself having to look away at some point from secondhand embarrassment. 

The two characters do come together, in the end, when Christian has a lifechanging experience that causes him to relook at the film. Both of them must rethink their opinions on life and decide if they want to get together again.  

Like I said before, I think that the film was awful. It reminded me of the Hallmark movies and there was no real depth to the character. The flashbacks of their love story made it hard to follow the storyline. Also, the film looked like it was filmed on an iPhone 8. 

Although I did not like the film, I did see people who left the theater, talking about how cute they thought it was. It was not the worst film I have seen, but I think it would have done better if it was put out on Netflix or Hulu. I was annoyed that I had spent my money to come to see it and I think more would watch it if they had access to it at home.  

“What About Love was not my favorite movie, but it was not the worst either. If you are a lover of Hallmark movies then go check this film out and you will not be disappointed. If you are like me and want a little more depth for your characters, then I would steer clear and save your money.