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Burkhalter goes out with a bang

Burkhalter goes out with a bang

Nikki Darnall, Managing Editor April 18, 2021

“I remember once I was meeting with a kid, who I have known for a very long time. She was on her screen and I was visiting, and then we went to leave and I kissed my hand and touched the screen and I...

A. Panier

The pandemic cannot stop student volunteers

Abby Panier March 19, 2021

Click. The white screen blinds the Silver Cord sponsor for a moment as she waits for to load. The rich royal purple floods the web page. Clicking on the first student’s profile, she smiles...

Maritza Vazquez spreads kindness

Maritza Vazquez spreads kindness

Holly Urbanczyk, Staffer February 17, 2021

On the days of January 8 and January 9, 16 year old Maritza Vazquez was taking time out of her day to brighten others’. This was not an uncommon thing for Vazquez, who often found herself, a caring,...

The makings of a coach

The makings of a coach

Owen Zimmerman, Staffer February 4, 2021

Huntley’s beloved football and track coach Michael Naymola has always had a love for athletics. As he aged his passion for sports and the strategy that went into them only grew, specifically for the...

Courtesy of Ryan Alemany

Fire Flow

Bailey Lim January 24, 2021

Current day’s trending music revolves around the pop and rapping categories. Massive amounts of people listen to the popular emotion-based pop music that has grown in popularity in the past few years. High...

Courtesy of Leah Toepfer

Gymnast Leah Toepfer nails the landing

Ellie Armstrong January 20, 2021

The fiberglass bar dips ever so slightly as freshman Leah Toepfer’s leather-gripped hands find it again. Her fingers wrap around the bar and abs pull in tight as chalk dust puffs into the air.  Around...

Photographed by B. Boyle

Life of a golf star

Brenden Boyle December 3, 2020

During summer vacation, most students spend their time swimming, hanging out with friends, and playing video games. On the other hand, junior Danny Sheedy spends his time at the driving range or golf course,...

Courtesy of E. Armstrong

All Around Town Episode 1

Zaina Mohammed December 2, 2020

On this month’s All Around Town, I will be suggesting a few things to do around Huntley. Although we live in a small town that does not seem to offer much, Huntley has fun things to offer for entertainment...

Courtesy of District 158

Mental health training leads discussion on avoided subjects

Abby Panier November 15, 2020

With a pandemic, the new normal, and another lock-down looming, talk about mental health has only increased. On Saturday, Nov. 14, the first Parent University: Youth Mental Health First-Aid Training opened...

Courtesy of District 158

District 158 nurses prep for the students

Zoe Emerson November 10, 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been stressful for a lot of people. Many are getting sick, dying, struggling financially, and dealing with anxiety about the unknown future.  Healthcare workers are...

How are our bus drivers really doing?

How are our bus drivers really doing?

Jon Hani, Staff Writer October 24, 2020

Being a bus driver is a very important job and we all appreciate the work that school bus drivers do for our community, but unfortunately, they too were greatly affected by COVID-19. Bus drivers have had...

Courtesy of E. Meier

Middle Schoolers experience new remote learning during global pandemic

Emma Meier October 2, 2020

In this global pandemic, the middle school students are still adjusting to the new learning system. Some students are doing amazing and others could be doing better, but it is a work in progress with many...

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