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The Fialek triplets all posing together

… to be a triplet

Being a triplet is definitely interesting, for me, I have never really seen it as something cool and crazy because it’s just something that I’ve always been a part of. I like to compare it to having a regular sibling that just so happens to be going through everything alongside you. We are able to go through similar experiences as people who are twins or have any sibling.

Our birthdays are on April 5, 2004. We have a full house including our parents, the three of us, our 11-year-old little sister, Joanna, and a black lab mixed with a rottweiler named Tucker. 

Growing up with two other siblings that so happen to be the same age as you, can be somewhat of a struggle at times having to share friends, activities, and birthdays. However, it gives you the opportunity to help each other out given that we are all going through the same thing such as classes.

In my own experience I feel that there is never going to be a perfect sibling relationship, there is always going to be an occasional argument or fight boiling within the house. However, at the end of the day we are all family and we just forgive each other.

My brothers and I are very involved within many activities, my two brothers,Tyler and Kean, are involved in track and cross country. While I remain within Lacrosse, Snow Raiders, HOSA, etc. As being triplets, my brothers and I have never really ran into issues with family members and strangers mixing us up. The three of us are just completely different and I feel like that makes it easier for everyone. 

The three of us have a lot to offer, with each having a unique role within the house and family. I’d definitely say that I am a lot more involved in a sense, but no one is more important than the other with everyone contributing in their own way.

It’s always a surprise within the household, some days are full of utter chaos with the three of us running around town to various activities alongside my little sister. Occasionally, some days can be more relaxed and calming. There’s always something going on that keeps us on our toes.

Being fraternal triplets makes things a little easier than being identical triplets. It removes some simple problems such as people mixing us up as another. Some people do not realize we are triplets when they first meet us at school.

There are plenty of differences between the three of us. There’s definitely a significant difference in our personality. The three of us are just really our own people with different hobbies, activities, friends, clothing. I’d say that the three of us have a very diverse music taste, that’s just another thing that gives each of us our own uniqueness. There are many more things that differ between us such as how we look.

I just like to think that each of us can stand out in our own ways.

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